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Address 1035 Eastlawn Ave, Windsor, Ontario
Phone: (519) 818 1008
Email: admin@conceive-it.com

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How we feel business should be done at Conceive IT

Conceive-IT is a small company that is just over a year old.

Corporate America (and Canada) is a wonderful place to make money but in our experience it can be very short sited in its approaches. Quarterly and yearly deadlines can force bad decisions to be made in order to meet job requirement by sales people and department heads. Long term business relationships can be ruined so one side or another can meet some arbitrary yearly financial goal. A massive amount of long term revenue is lost every day by companies because their people have been given internal goals that conflict with companies long term best interests.

At Conceive-IT we truly believe that the best way for use to be successful is to do everything in our power to make sure that our customers that use our services and product are successful. We believe that if we hold the best interests of our customers at the forefront of everything we do and our customer succeed at least in part because of us then our relationship will continue and we in turn will be successful.

Our product Koolnections is a great example of this. The idea behind it provides a win/win scenario for everyone involved. The Requester saves time finding what he is looking for and can make sure that the person doing it is reliable and that he is getting the work done for a competitive rate. The business wins a new job, grows their customer base, and improves the companies standing in the Koolnections community.