Data Foundations

Data Foundations provides a service oriented middle tier solution for software systems with an existing database.

Conceive-IT's Data Foundations allows you to share you data with anyone. It has a robust rights system that lets you use your existing application or network security to decide what information your users can see. If you do not have an existing security system you can use data foundations built in security.

You can share existing data with clients in minutes. Data Foundations API lets you easily integrate with your existing systems so that users and rights are automatically assigned when you create normal users in your system.

Data Foundations flexibility allows for extremely fast integration. This flexibility can then be leveraged to drastically reduce the development time needed to create new interfaces to old systems on any number of platforms.

It has built in data integrity validation so that input validation can be done in a single location, this will save you money in both development and testing time.

Please contact us and setup an appointment to see if Conceive-IT and Data Foundations can help you.

Release Status

The product is ready for release for Microsoft .Net and SQL Server database support. Support for Java and Oracle database will be ready in the next release.

Current Version: 1.2.2

Release Date: 2/11/2013 12:45:00 AM