Need some work done? Koolnections is going to be the place for you. Anything you need done, whether it's having your grass cut, house painted, car repaired or even finding a new babysitter or selling your house.

Are you looking for new business? Someone looking for work? Have a great product or service but are having a hard time finding people that need it?

Whether you are looking to find a product or service, or whether you have a business and are looking for new customers, Koolenctions is the place for you. Koolnections connects customers and businesses in a whole new way.

Need something done? No need to make 25 phone calls to get the best deal or find someone you can trust to get the work done. Just post a description and pictures of what you need done and Koolnections lets the right businesses know you need them. These businesses will respond to your request and let you know their price. You can then decide which one is best for you.

Business looking for customers? Tired of spending too much money to make sure you get noticed? Koolnections will let you know when there are people looking for your service or products. Koolnections sends contacts your way. The Koolnections website also provides a detailed showcase for your work.

Looking to grow your business into new areas? Know you could make a lot more money if you could just find a partner or someone to help complete parts of the job? Make a request on Koolnections and let potential partners or sub-contractors come to you.

Looking to start a business? Or have a hobby that you know can make you money if you could find clients? Koolnections can be your portal to your independence.

This product is in development.
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Release Date: 11/15/2012 12:00:00 AM